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London’s Best: Food Scene (2019)

Since I just got back from a magical trip to London with Eric (my hunky man LOL), I wanted to highlight the food scene there A) so I can tearfully reminisce and B) so I can share all these amazing places with you all!

London’s food scene is possibly the most diverse in the world. From traditional English grub, to swanky Sushi bars, to the best Shawarma in the universe – here’s some of the culinary paradises I found in the spectacular city of London.




Paul is an absolutely phenomenal bakery in London. There’s actually several Paul bakeries around the city, so don’t worry about finding one location. I had one of the single best Americanos I’ve ever had here. Paul is home to the smoothest coffee and the best croissants outside of Paris!



Builders Arms

The quintessential pub experience, Builders Arms is simply not to miss. Of course, when you go to London, you must have a traditional fish ‘n chips meal with mushy peas and a room temp London Pride (beer). Picture a Hollywood-style stereotypical pub…the Builders Arms’ atmosphere is just that. Then add the single best fish ‘n chips to the mix: thin, crackling fried shell around moist, flaky fish and thick cut, hot chips. Pair with mushy peas infused with fresh mint and doused generously with malt vinegar. Slosh it all down with a couple pints. Dang…it’s really that good.


SushiSamba (110 Bishopsgate location)

SushiSamba stands at the very top of the Salesforce skyscraper in “modern” London. It’s swanky, it’s sexy, it’s just about as luxurious as dining can get. Outside of the breathtaking city views and million-dollar modern ambiance, Sushisamba’s food is dreamy. Get the Wagyu Gyoza with kabocha purée and sweet soy, and the Samba London roll with tuna, salmon, hamachi, avocado, asparagus, onion, hishiho miso, crispy yuba, and yuzu dressing. Just out of this world.


La Mia Mama

Even before you step into La Mia Mamma, you’ll notice the little kitchen right inside the glass where Mamma and her daughter are making sauces from scratch. You’ll walk in with a warm welcome and a front row seat to a world-class Italian meal brought to you by the epitome of Italian home chefs. Truly an experience of a lifetime, you must try the Ziti Alla Genovese, a slow cooked beef and onion pasta dish that is one of the single best pastas I’ve ever had (and this is coming from someone who was lucky enough to go to Italy a few times!).



Late Night

Star Kebab House

I’m not usually a fan of Indian cuisine, but the Star Kebab House’s Chicken Shawarma is just about the best late night meal you could ever ask for. It’s REALLY spicy – like really. But it’s absolutely the best Shawarma you’ll ever put in your mouth. A hole in the wall on the outside…a gem on the inside.




The Ginstitute specializes in the enjoyment and appreciation of gin – surprise! Sign up for the 90-minute class where you’ll sit in a candle-lit speakeasy and learn how to make a half dozen gin cocktails. It’s a bit of a history lesson, a bit of a cocktail making lesson, and a lot of amazing drinks. The Ginstitute’s class is a perfect evening starter (or ender) if you want to get nerdy over cocktails.


Gordon’s Wine Bar

In a candlelit, 19th century vaulted cellar, you’ll find wines you’ve never tried and can now try them all because of good-ole Gordon. I tried a Sangiovese from India which was quite odd (who knew?). Despite my interesting choice, this wine bar is the perfect romantic stop to start a London evening. Branch out of your comfort zone, but avoid that nasty Sangiovese! HA!


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