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My Mom’s Birthday Wasn’t Just Sweet Because of the Cake

September is my mom’s birthday month, it hasn’t just been sweet because of the cake! I want to take a moment to be super mushy, and tell you how amazing my mom is. Now that I’m making my way into my mid-20s, every birthday that one of my family members celebrates makes me especially nostalgic!

When I was a kid, birthdays were all about begging for an extra slice of chocolate birthday cake or to pick the color of the balloons, and later on, to pop them all.

But there’s something about having older parents (sorry, Mom HAHA) that makes birthdays a bit more sobering earlier on.

My mom’s birthday this year was one of those strange, bittersweet moments that you try to make sense of. Celebrating her birthday was an “ah-ha” moment that forced me to put time into perspective. It really hit me that I’m no longer a kid and my mom is no longer just a parent, but also one my very best friends.

The transition of a parent to a friend is such an exciting one, but also a crazy reminder of the speed of time. How could I already be rounding the first bend of life when I feel like it’s just started?

In less than ten years time, my mom could be a grandma, and I will be meeting her for lunch to chat about my kids! What. Is. Life?!

It seemed like yesterday that I was begging my mom from that extra slice of birthday cake.

The bitter part is that I’m not all that far off from having to navigate the shenanigans that I put my mom through, with my very own kids! But the sweetest part is that I’ve had the best role model to learn from in my mother.

To make this post sappier than it already is, I think Bryan Adams put best the love I’ve always felt from my mom.

“You’ll do anything, you’ll do all the crazy things you can’t explain. You’ll shoot the moon, put out the sun, when you love someone.”

Love you, Mom.


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