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I have such exciting news; I can hardly contain myself! I will be featured on a full episode of Food Network’s newest show, airing on August 31st. I’m so excited to share this special hour with you all!! Here is the episode information:

Tuesday, August 31st at 10pm ET/PT on Food Network

Episode: “Who Braised You”

Food blogger Grace Vallo left corporate life to follow her dreams in food media, and she’s an energetic ace, but is she ready to face host Kal Penn’s pressure cooker questions? Grace’s hopes are pinned on winning the big money to fund her dream wedding in Tuscany, but Bruce tries to knock her off her game with a surprise ice sculpture, and Kal and company rattle her by sharing a round of shots. Grace turns to Chef Tiffani Faison for a Flavor Favor, and Chef Adrienne Cheatham is on call with her culinary expertise as Grace tries to prove she has the chops to make it to the end of the game.

Social Tags for the Show: #MoneyHungry, @FoodNetwork

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The Journey Continues…

I found my calling in my college dorm room kitchen 6 years ago while making several batches of slow-simmered bolognese sauce to get it “just right.” More milk. A touch of nutmeg. Less tomato paste. More tomato paste. The iterations!

I grew up with my dad in the kitchen, watching him carefully dice beautiful garden carrots, onion, and celery that we picked up at one of the dozen farm stands in our classic old colonial New England town of Glastonbury, CT. He taught me to take my time cutting the veggies, because the TLC of the farmer, along with the TLC of the chef, is what makes a dish special.

When I went to college, I caught my dad’s cooking bug and found my own way, recipe testing and creating on weekend nights while listening to Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits. Tastefully Grace, my blog, began as a simple way of writing all my crazy concoctions down and to remember the special moments my dad and I shared in the kitchen growing up.

My obsession grew more after college when I sat at my cubicle in corporate America daydreaming about how to make the perfect Panzanella Salad out of the heirlooms I bought at the farmstand that morning on my way to work. That’s when I left the corporate world to pursue Tastefully Grace full-time. I still get butterflies every time I think of someone subscribing to my YouTube channel or website, or joining me on Instagram, Facebook, or the new and foreign place – Pinterest! I’m truly honored to share these spaces with you.

Thank you so much to everyone here. You’ve allowed me to live in my kitchen (my happy place!), make food that brings people together, and to do what I love every single day. “Thank you” doesn’t seem like enough….



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